CheckPoint’s ownership is transferred to the company’s management

A generational change takes place in CheckPoint as the founding members Kauko Räisänen, Arto Korpi and Jaakko Mansikkamäki relinquish their ownership, and the entire ownership is transferred to the company’s management Nicholas Nordström and Timo Yli-Salomäki.

According to Nicholas Nordström, CEO of CheckPoint, the ownership arrangements are primarily driven by the desire to secure company’s future.

“The current main owner, Kauko Räisänen, wanted to relinquish his ownership to enjoy well-earned retirement days, and as a result the change became topical. It was natural for us to express our interest in buying the company with the Chairman of the Board Timo Yli-Salomäki, and to continue developing the company also in the future. The change of ownership will not affect CheckPoint’s customers in any other way than the new owners are closer to our clients’ daily operations,” says Nicholas.

“We thank Kauko, Arto and Jaakko for the very good groundwork with which CheckPoint has grown to its current operational level. We were offered the opportunity to continue developing a long-established and solvent company in which our customers have strong confidence. We will focus on developing CheckPoint’s business together with our staff who are true professionals. Our goal is to further improve the company’s operations and service quality,” says Timo Yli-Salomäki.

CheckPoint’s current service portfolio and staff will continue to operate as usual, providing high-quality and cost-effective solutions to companies’ marketing communication needs. CheckPoint has maintained its position as a significant partner to its customers and has also expanded its operations in recent years.

“2020 and this year have been favorable for us. We have become invaluable everyday helpers for many of our customers, and there is a constant demand for the services we provide. For this reason, we will also be able to recruit more skilled staff to strengthen our current expertise. This is not self-evident in the current market situation, which is why we are in a very fortunate position,” rejoices Nicholas.

CheckPoint has shown strong economic growth in recent years and increased its earnings for three consecutive years. CheckPoint was founded in 2007 and currently employs 15 people.

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