Does your packaging design convey your brand image in best way possible? Packaging is an important media channel through which you reach your target audience in close proximity. We believe that it is worthwhile to invest in packaging design, as the packaging form, material choices and visuals are an important part of your brand communication. We design packages all the way from the original idea to the end product, and if you want, we will also monitor the printing process.

Packaging design and packaging renewal

We design new packaging visuals and renew existing visual packaging concepts. According to your need, we deliver a broader brand renewal or a single packaging update that supports your brand promise. During the design phase, we will use our expertise of different printing methods and packaging materials. This will ensure that the packaging design idea and functionality of the packaging meet in the final product.

Packaging design for all product groups

We have designed packages for the needs of different product groups and we know the specific requirements of different sectors and operating environments. For example, we have implemented food packaging to dry shelves, cold shelves and freezes. In addition we create designs for attractive sales packages, functional everyday packages and durable storage- and transport packages.

Expanding existing product family and updating packaging information

When your existing product family has a well-known visual identity, you do not need to re-create the design. In these cases we can use the already created packaging visual and implement new variation to it so that it is in line with the rest of the product range. We will also help you when you need to update packaging’s product image or product information.

Colour management and printing supervision

Our expertise in understanding different printing methods and materials ensures that we know how printed products are created so that they look great. We know how print colours behave on different materials and we ensure the quality of the printing process by working closely with domestic and foreign printers. Through colour proofing we make sure that the print quality is excellent and we will also supervise the printing process.
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